Luke Lazarus

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Luke Lazarus is an Australian native who has devoted much of his life to developing skills as an entrepreneur, business leader, and consultant.

Currently, much of his business activity is centered around consultation with those described as savvy business professionals who are building a startup from the ground up.

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They may be struggling with unique issues that are part of the building process.

It is noted that Luke Lazarus began his first startup business as an eight-year-old entrepreneur.

He did take a break from the business world to engage in academic pursuits after high school.

Lazarus had plenty of scholarship offers internationally when deciding his academic pathway.

He chose Melbourne Business School and earned a Master’s Degree in Business Education from that institution.

From the age of twenty-five to thirty-three, Lazarus is said to have owned a total of four business starts and sold these interests at thirty-three.

He could have opted to live a life of leisure with the income he netted but chose to go into business consultancy instead.

Lazarus has offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

Other business professionals describe Lazarus as kind, caring, and brutally honest.

His efforts are invested in helping the struggling business executive strengthen the weak areas that are posing many challenges.

He is noted to view business failures occur primarily because the business builder is bogged down with administrative needs that could better be managed via outsourcing.

At its foundation, Lazarus sees three major challenges facing one starting a business: turning profit, launching the business entity, and rising to match the competition.

Lazarus, as a consultant, has considerable experience with brand building, advertising, accounting, marketing sources, and sales operations.

Lazarus has nearly three decades of consultancy experience from which to assist those who patronize his services.

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