QNET, a company dealing with direct sales of products is found in Asia. The company produces significant products to livelihood. It also offers solutions that impact people and make entrepreneurship more successful. The company also deals in offering products concerned with welfare and lifestyle. The company has a mission of ensuring individuals reach the goals and have a better livelihood. It also helps individuals into sharpening the entrepreneurial skills. The company always focuses on doing better than its initial state each time.

During the 7th Globe Awards in 2020, QNET was awarded for the Communications sector. The award is meant for businesses that have accomplished great things either individually or as a team across the globe. After the invasion of the pandemic, the QNET came up with several programs. The programs were objectified to offer encouragement for their clients during the difficult times. Moreover, it offered significant information on how they could manage their businesses with the pandemic in place. It was based on this that they got the awards. The Chief Executive Officer of the company stated during his speech that at that particular time, their clients were affected. They therefore saw the need to step up and offer them solutions.

Despite the hard times, their distributors and clients could still feel their full support. They offered different kind of content in 6 languages over 30 social media platforms. The company informed its clients on its updates frequently including the changes it was making pertaining its operations. Go to this page for more information.

QNET has its headquarters at Hong Kong. However, it has other smaller offices distributed across the world. These offices are found in over 25 countries. The company is also actively involved in partnering with Sports worldwide. For instance, they’ve taken partnership with Manchester City Football Club. The African Club League Championship of CAF also is in partnership with QNET.


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