Sparkasse Bank Malta: Top Banks in Malta.

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Sparkasse Bank Malta is one of the top banks in Malta. They have been serving clients for more than 20 years and are a family-owned bank with headquarters in Valletta, Malta. Sparkasse has over 100 branches and agents worldwide and offers many services, including loans, deposits, investments and mortgages.

Sparkasse Bank Malta has an office in Malta and also has other branches. Their mission statement states, “Sparkasse provides its customers with high-quality products and services which meet or exceed customer expectations. They are committed to the highest ethical standards, fair dealing and professional competence. Furthermore, Sparkasse is dedicated to protecting our environment by continually improving its environmental performance.”

Sparkasse Bank Malta has an A+ financial rating from Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Ratings Services.

The bank’s website is, and on their homepage, they describe Sparkasse as “a family of individuals committed to excellence in all that we do. We are passionate about what we do, caring about our customers’ needs, striving for the highest standards of quality – always striving to be better.”

Sparkasse has many divisions, including Real Estate Loans (real estate developers), Factoring Services (financial services for small business owners) and Wealth Management. Sparkasse offers a variety of loans, from mortgages to home improvement and small businesses.

Sparkasse Bank Malta offers a wide range of services, including checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and debit cards. In addition, they offer phone banking as well as online banking for their client’s convenience. Sparkasse also provides investment opportunities through certificates of deposit (CDs) or mutual funds with competitive interest rates depending on the term selected by the client. Their agency products include life insurance policies that may be customized based upon specific client needs, such as retirement planning or estate planning strategies that ensure continuity after death to benefit those who rely upon you most heavily financially throughout your lifetime.

Their mission statement is “We are committed to providing exceptional service because we understand what it means when your money is funding your dreams.”