The Alumnus of Gordonstoun Boarding School, Prince Philip

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Prince Philip joined Gordonstoun school in 1934 and later cleared in 1939. He was among the first students, the 10th student to be precise, to attend Gordonstoun school.

According to Dr. Khan, the founder of Gordonstoun School, Prince Philip loved sports activities. Dr. Khan was a German educationalist who decided to start a school after leaving the NAZI war.

His purpose in starting Gordonstoun school was to recruit students who would help the community per se.

Most members of the Royal Family have been part of the Gordonstoun school.

Prince Philip enrolled in several community service activities, such as being a member of Watchers. Watchers were Gordonstoun’s coastguard rescue team.

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Prince Philip was offered the position of guardian in his final year, a role similar to the school’s head boy. He also won the award of Prince Philip’s own Duke of Edinburgh by being a participant in Dr. Khan’s Moray Badge.

When Prince Philip was still alive, he constantly visited Gordonstoun to commemorate the time he spent there as a student.

According to a school report, Prince Philip was an outstanding student with an excellent eye for detail. Dr. Khan also mentioned that Prince Philip was naughty and a bit mischievous.

Prince Philip’s playful character was witnessed particularly during NAZI salute greetings. Prince Philip could burst out with laughter, but he changed his ways after his sister threatened to return him home to England after a while.

Prince Philip was a great student who achieved outstanding results in his final year at Gordonstoun. After completing his A-level studies at Gordonstoun, he attended Royal Naval College at Dartmouth to pursue his career.

Background Information on Gordonstoun

Gordonstoun is the remaining boarding school in the UK with over 500 students from age 4 to 18.

Out of the 500 students, 390 students are boarders. Gordonstoun prepares students for exams as well as a school afterlife.

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