The direction to kisling cleveland

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Kisling Cleveland is located in the heart of downtown Cleveland, OH. FL 6407 is a main street that connects several large shopping malls and business areas of downtown Cleveland. Ugly Pie Bakery, which is around the corner from Kisling Cleveland, is one of the largest and most popular bakeries in all of Ohio. There are several small shops along the street of Kisling, Nestico & Redick and some big and famous office buildings. Cleveland Clinic, the largest hospital in all of Ohio, is a significant landmark on this side of town.

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Bypass Cleveland Clinic, turn left at the next light, and continue down the road. You will pass several good restaurants. It will lead you down the street to East 9th St., where you can make a left onto Superior Ave, a major road in downtown Cleveland. From there, you could continue on Superior Ave up to Public Square, where there is a park in the center of town, the main street of downtown Cleveland.

The entrance to Kisling Cleveland has a large wooden door with a small sign indicating Kisling Cleveland. The entryway inside the building has a small lobby where you can wait for your appointment. Downstairs is a large conference room equipped with a whiteboard and projector for meetings There is also an employee lounge equipped with a pool table, couches, and TVs. Upstairs is where all the attorneys are. The office has a large waiting area with reclining chairs and tables and two separate offices for two different partners in Kisling, Cleveland.