The Incredible Professor and Faculty Director Dr. Chris Brummer

Dr. Chris Brummer holds several titles as a professor, author, lecturer, and the founder of Fintech Week based in Washington DC. Currently, Chris Brummer is the faculty director and law professor at the prestigious Georgetown Institute of International Economic Law.

Having worked for more than a decade in researching the development and regulatory policy in finance and the effect technology has on operation supervision and regulatory oversight, Professor Chris Brummer has acquired a wealth of knowledge in the area. He lent his knowledge and expertise to policymakers and non-profits. He also gave insights on understanding how firms and governments can react to the development and challenges seen in the financial systems.

Brummer joined Georgetown’s faculty in 2009. Previously, he served at Vanderbilt Law School, where he served as an assistant professor of law. Dr. Chris Brummer has worked as a visiting professor in several prominent universities, including the Universities of Heidelberg, Basel, and the London School of Economics. His lecturers are widely on finance and global governance and the public and private law.

For three years, he worked on the National Adjudicatory Council of Finra, and he concluded his work in 2015 and was highly praised for advancing investor protection. In 2016 and 2017, Professor Chris Brummer was nominated by President Obama to serve as a commissioner on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. He got a unanimous approval vote by the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Professor Chris Brummer has several degrees, including a Jurisdiction with honors from Columbia Law School and a Ph.D. attained from the University of Chicago. He is also an author and editor of many books such as the Soft Law Global Financial System, Crypto assets: Legal, Regulatory and Monetary Perspectives, Minilateralism, and the Fintech Law. Chris has also worked as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of International Economic Law, an academic publication of Oxford Press.