Thomas Neyhart from PosiGen: Harnessing the Power of Tomorrow

PosiGen is an innovative company that provides solar energy and energy efficiency to thousands of satisfied customers. PosiGen also looks to make a difference in the world by helping out low-income communities, low-income families, as well as creating jobs for low-income communities. With PosiGen’s solar energy sector, they have already made over 14,000 customers happy with their purchases, Thomas Neyhart points out. One thing that PosiGen offers that not many other companies offer is no installation fee. 


At PosiGen solar power company, they also offer the ability to either purchase or lease their solar panels, so no one is stuck in their decision. For PosiGen’s energy-efficient sector, they find different and inventive ways to detect energy inefficiency and air leakage, which can save you thousands of dollars! According to Thomas Neyhart, not only does PosiGen provide this service to help out people lower their monthly utility bills, but they also seek to help the environment by reducing the amount of energy output. 


From a health aspect, with cleaner air and a reduction of mold manifesting in the house, one’s lifespan can be increased. From a financial aspect, keeping your house free of air leaks, and at a maintained temperature with little moisture can raise the value of your house, allowing the possibility to sell for a premium well above market value. The company’s founders and leaders such as Thomas Neyhart will be aware of every step of the process. With the housing market right now in such a boom to sell, what better way to increase the value of your house than a visit from PosiGen? 

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