Tim Murawski – The Augmedics Leader in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgery

Healthcare expert Tim Murawski recently announced that the company is developing a new product that will be used to perform clinical trials on individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. The company is currently working hard to raise $1 million in funding for their venture to purchase a special type of device that will be used to test the efficacy of the drug, Atenilum, on individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. Tim Murawski states that once the device has been purchased, it will then be used to conduct human clinical trials on patients at various sites across North America. 


Currently, Augmedics medical research firm needs an additional $1 million, which they hope to raise using crowdfunding; however, they have decided that a small portion of these funds should be submitted through an Indiegogo campaign. Tim Murawski explains that the company hopes that this campaign will help them reach their fundraising goal and attract more people to their cause. They believe that crowdfunding provides them with a great opportunity to spread awareness about their product.


In addition to gaining support from potential investors who want to help them develop Atenilum drug´s new product. Tim Murawski was recently invited to speak on “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Future of Healthcare” at the annual meeting of Surgeons in Chicago. It will be all envisioned by the Augmedics medical research staff members.


Augmedics is a medical device company that develops and provides cloud-connected medical devices designed to help patients manage their chronic conditions at home. The company’s main product, the REM system, is a remote patient monitoring system. Business mentor and entrepreneur Tim Murawski explains that it is designed to help improve the management of patients with chronic health conditions.


This, such as chronic heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Augmedics is a company dedicated to developing drug treatments for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. Tim Murawski points out that they have developed a new drug treatment called Atenilum, which they believe can improve the quality of life. Atenilum works by blocking certain proteins in the brain responsible for causing memory loss and other cognitive problems that many people live with as they get older.