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Hawkers Co. is a new startup born out of necessity in Spain, where four friends wanted to start their version of Craigslist but found it difficult due largely because they couldn’t get funding and other struggles with cash flow issues. The company’s name comes from “hawking,” which means selling things on foot around town a bit tongue-in-cheek considering some people might be more likely looking for something than others!

The friends wanted to expand their reach, and they found that it was still difficult even though the books were selling better than ever before. As more money came in every month, there had been an increase in spending, which caused trouble for them when considering how much profit each sale should generate. Based on what level of investment has been made into marketing efforts or other expenses not directly related to generating revenue streams from readership alone.

The friends who had founded this company were eager to take it international, but they needed someone with knowledge and experience for their business plan to succeed. They found that person when Alejandro Betancourt Lopez agreed to manage the finances without impeding growth while still finding ways of making sure everything runs smoothly here at home too. Hawkers’s food truck was an Instagram success story as much of a financial one. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez saw an opportunity few others did rather in the mid-2010s than rely on traditional (expensive) tactics; Alejandro Betancourt looked at how social media could spread the word better and more affordably, with less risk for profit.

He had the foresight to recognize that influencer marketing could be a powerful tool for his company, especially social media. Alejandro Betancourt chose trendy fashionistas who loved wearing cool-looking sunglasses as partners; all he needed was an incentive or two from them so they would share their favorite styles with friends and family members. The financial results were undeniable.

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